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Polyimide Applications

Apr 12, 2016

Polyimide (Polyimide referred PI) is one of the best overall performance of organic polymer materials, high temperature above 400 ℃, long-term use temperature range of 200 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, no melting point, with high insulation properties.

Polyimide as a special engineering materials, has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nanotechnology, liquid separation membrane, such as a laser. Recently, countries are polyimide research, development and utilization of the inclusion of engineering plastics in the 21st century one of the most promising. Polyimide, its outstanding performance characteristics and synthesis, either as a structural material or as a functional material, and its potential application has been fully recognized, is known to be problem solvers! And think no polyimide would not have today's microelectronics technology!

1. film: polyimide is one of the first commodity, for motor slot insulation and cable wrapping material. The main products are DuPont Kapton, Ube Kosan Upilex series and Kaneka Apcal. Transparent polyimide film solar cells can be used as a soft bottom plate.

2.Dope: insulating paint is used as a wire, or use as a heat resistant coatings.

3. advanced composite materials: for the aerospace, aircraft and rocket parts. It is one of the most high-temperature structural materials. E.g., U.S. supersonic speed aircraft program designed to 2.4M, flight surface temperature of 177 ℃, claim life of 60000h, it is reported to have been determined as 50% of the structural material to thermoplastic polyimide matrix resin carbon fiber reinforced composites per aircraft amount of about 30t.

4. fiber: Elastic Modulus after the carbon fiber as the medium and high-temperature filtration materials and radioactive substances bulletproof, fireproof fabric.

5. Foam: for high temperature insulation material. 

6. engineering plastics: thermosetting there thermoplastic, thermoplastic molding can also be used for injection molding or transfer molding. The main lubrication, sealing, insulating and structural materials for self. Wide polyimide materials have begun to use the rotary vane compressor, piston rings and special pump seals and other mechanical parts. 

7. Adhesive: for high temperature structural adhesive. Wide polyimide adhesives as electronic components insulation potting material has high production.

8. membrane: for a variety of gases, such as separating the hydrogen / nitrogen, nitrogen / oxygen, carbon dioxide and / or methane, nitrogen, etc., to remove moisture from the air and the hydrocarbon feed gas alcohols. But also as a pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. Since the polyimide heat and organic solvent resistance, has a special significance in the separation of organic gases and liquids.

9. resist: There are positive and negative plastic glue, with sub-micron resolution. And pigments or dyes can be used with the color filter, it can greatly simplify the processing operations.

10. in microelectronics applications: used as a dielectric layer, interlayer insulation, as a buffer layer can reduce stress and improve yield. As the protective layer can reduce the environmental impact of the device can also act as a shield for the a- particles, to reduce or eliminate soft errors on the part.

11. LCD alignment arrangement agent used:? Polyimide T N-LCD, SH N-LCD, TFT-CD aligning agent material and a ferroelectric liquid crystal display aspects occupies a very important position. 

12. electro-optic materials: materials used as passive or active optical waveguide switch materials, fluorine-containing polyimide in a communication wavelength range of transparent polyimide as a stable chromophore base material can be improved sex.