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Polyimide And Polyimide Can Be Prepared In Two Ways

Jan 10, 2017

Polyimide and polyimide can be prepared in two ways: one is to use polyamide acid blended. Another is to use polyimide blends. Polyamide acid solution blending a variety of more variable. Such as mixing conditions, mixing time and temperature, the coating and drying temperature and time and so will the properties of the blend of the polyimide impact. This is due to the presence of an acid amide exchange reaction of the polyamide acid. So how many will bring to blend some of the components of the copolymer. Copolymerization component in the future to avoid, you can take one component in the form of polyimide, polyamide acid in the form of another blended. It can also be a blend of a polyamide resin exchange reaction does not occur.

The polyimide blend used must be capable of dissolving or melt processed. Such polyimide has been commercialized to PEI is most readily available. So most of the work on the polyimide is based on polyimide performed.