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Polyimide And Application Of Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

Because the polyimide in performance and synthetic chemistry characteristics, in many of the polymer, it is difficult to find such as polyimide with such a wide range of application, but also in every aspect shows the extremely outstanding performance.

1, film: is one of the earliest commercial polyimide, used for wrapping material slot insulation of motor and cable. The main products are DuPont Kapton, Ube Upilex series and Kaneka Apical. Polyimide film and transparent as a solar battery plate soft.

2 paint: as insulating paint for electromagnetic wire, or as a high temperature resistant coating.

3: advanced composite materials for aerospace, aircraft and rocket components. Is one of the most high-temperature structural materials. For example USA supersonic airliner plans the design speed is 2.4M, flight when the surface temperature is 177 ℃, the required service life is 60000h, according to reports have identified structural material 50% is thermoplastic polyimide resin matrix carbon fiber reinforced composites, every aircraft in the amount of about 30t.

4. fiber: elastic modulus after carbon fiber as filter material, high temperature medium and radioactive substances and bullet proof, fireproof fabric.

5. foam: used for high temperature resistant insulating material.

6. engineering plastics: thermosetting with thermoplastic, thermoplastic can molding can also be used in injection molding or transfer molding. Mainly used for self lubrication, sealing, insulation materials and structure. And has been used in large motor, textile machine, packaging machine, copier, gear bearings and protecting frame etc..

7. adhesive: used as high-temperature structural adhesive. Guangcheng polyimide adhesive as electronic components with high insulating sealant production.

8 separation membrane:For a variety of gas separation, such as hydrogen / nitrogen, nitrogen / oxygen, carbon / nitrogen or methane and other hydrocarbons, removing moisture from the air the raw gas and alcohols. Also can be used as the pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. Because the polyimide heat resistance and organic solvent resistance, with special significance for the separation of organic gases and liquids.

9.Photoresist:A negative photoresist and positive resist, the resolution can reach sub micron. With a pigment or dye for color filter film, can greatly simplify the processing procedures.

10.Application in microelectronic device:Used as the dielectric layer by layer insulation, as a buffer layer can reduce stress, improve the rate of finished products. As the protective layer can reduce the influence of environment on the device, but also has the shielding effect of a- particles, the reduction or elimination of soft error device (soft error).

11.Liquid crystal display orientation agent:Orientation in TN-LCD, SHN-LCD, TFT-CD polyimide and the future of the ferroelectric liquid crystal display agent materials plays an important role.

12.Electro optical material:Used as passive or active waveguide materials for optical switching materials, polyimide containing fluorine in the communication wavelength range is transparent, the polyimide as chromophore substrate can improve the stability of the material.

13.Electrical and electronic industry:For printed circuit boards, insulation materials, heat resistant cable, wiring terminals, sockets etc..