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Polyimide Adhesive Tape with 2 to 500mm Width

Jun 15, 2016
  • Features:

    • Material: polyimide film-coated with heat-resistant silicone adhesive

    • Due to stable press-sensitive macromolecule adhesive layer under high temperature, offers excellent properties of heat-resistant, electrical insulation, solvent-resistant and radiation protection

    • Innocuity, no abnormal smell, which does not cause damage to human-beings and environment

    • Better elongation at rupture and used for electrical insulation of electrical equipment and high temperature insulation

    • Highest heat-resistant among film adhesive tapes, so can also be applied for insulation in high grade equipment, motors, Lithium batteries

    • Protects golden finger of PCB during wave soldering with no adhesive left after tape torn off

    • Can also be applied for shielding in high temperature condition