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Polyimide adhesive tape

Aug 17, 2016

Name: Polyimide adhesive tape
Advance and application: This tape used Polyimide film covered Silicon glue. It was called golden finger tape to show its appearance and application.

It possesses heat-resistant, radiation-resistant and excellent dielectric as well as physical performance and applies to motor Grade H. O. Electric insulation and electrical engineering insulating material for other purpose.

It can replace the Kapton tape of Dupont.

Specifications: We can offer Polyimide adhesive tape single side or double sides glue. Of course, we can process compound it with release liner tape. The tape thickness is from 0.03mm to 0.18mm. The width is less than 500mm.
The tape can be 33m, 50m and 100m per roll. Also we can offer 500m in jumbo roll.

Packing, Mark, Preservation and Transportation:
1. The film should be provided in rolls and wound up to the pipe core, each roll is well packed and loaded with plastic bag to be placed into dry and clean box.
2. The each box packing should be marked with the type, product specification, size, lot number, gross weight, net weight, date of manufacture, name of the manufacturer and the product acceptances certificate is attached. At the same time the painting words of Damp-proof collision-proof etc.
3. The should be pressured in dry and clean room, the preservation period from the date of production is two years and can still be used when it is qualified in case of the preservation period is exceeded and checked according to standard. /
4. During the preservation and transportation, damping and mechanical damage should be avoided.