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Polyimide - Metal Nano Hybrid Film

Apr 17, 2017

A polyimide hybrid film containing palladium, platinum and silver and bimetallic thereof can be used as the catalytic film and the membrane reactor. The hybrid films with metal contents as high as 20% still have high toughness and strength, and the size of phase separation is 1 ~ 3nm, which has great surface area. Polyimide hybrid films containing 20% palladium had a hydrogen permeation coefficient of 100 Barrer and a hydrogen and nitrogen transmission selectivity factor of 35. Another species has a hydrogen permeability coefficient of 23 Barrer and a selectivity coefficient of 100. Hybrid membrane containing 15% palladium-silver has been used in the reduction of nitric oxide, and achieved remarkable results: N2O + H2 N2 + H2O.

Polyimide-metal nano hybrid membranes are potential applications for both high temperature and high temperature membrane materials with both catalytic and separation properties.