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Polyester Fiber Use

Dec 09, 2016

Polyester has many excellent textile properties and performance, wide range of uses. Can be woven pure cotton, but also with cotton, wool, silk, linen and other natural fibers and other chemical fibers blended intertwined, made a wide range of colors, firm and crisp, easy to wash and easy to dry, washable and washable wear good performance wool , Imitation cotton, imitation silk, imitation linen fabric. Polyester fabric for men and women shirts, jackets, children's clothing, interior fabrics and carpets. As the polyester has good elasticity and bulkiness, can also be used as cotton. In the industrial high-strength polyester can be used as tire cord, conveyor belt, fire hose, cable, fishing nets, can also be used as electrical insulation materials, acid-resistant filter cloth and papermaking blankets. Non-woven fabric made with polyester can be used for interior decoration, carpet backing, pharmaceutical industrial fabrics, flocking, lining and so on.