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Polyester Fiber / Asphalt Composites

Dec 07, 2016

1. Improve the stability of high temperature and improve the stability of high temperature Polyester fiber monofilament due to the three-dimensional distribution. At the same time and the asphalt has a strong adsorption, and not winding, you can absorb too much free asphalt, so that the asphalt viscosity and cohesive force increases. At the same time, because of the criss-cross reinforcement and bridging effect, the asphalt flow performance is reduced, the lateral displacement or flow of the aggregate is restricted, the high temperature stability is effectively improved and the stability of the fiber asphalt concrete is greatly improved.

2. Improve the low-temperature crack resistance, fiber adsorption of asphalt, resulting in asphalt concrete, the best amount of asphalt increased. Higher asphalt content, so that fiber asphalt mixture at -40 low temperature is still to maintain flexibility and high tensile strength. Effective resistance to shrinkage stress, so that the mixture of low-temperature anti-cracking performance, reduce the production of thermal cracking and cracking can prevent the development of reflection.

3. Improve the anti-fatigue performance of the asphalt pavement in the environment under the influence of ambient temperature, subject to repeated effects of wheel load. When the load repeated more than a certain number of times, the load in the pavement under the stress will be more than the strength of the structural resistance, so that the road surface cracks. The fatigue strength of asphalt concrete is improved and the fatigue strength is improved by the uniform distribution of fiber monofilament in the mixture after polyester fiber is added.

4. Improve water stability Asphalt pavement water stability is the asphalt pavement in the presence of water conditions, subject to traffic load and temperature expansion and contraction of the repeated role. The addition of polyester fibers thickens the bitumen film, reduces the strength of the water-displacing bitumen, and reduces the amount of water infiltrated into the asphalt concrete. Coupled with the role of fiber adsorption so that the viscosity of asphalt larger and improve the asphalt and aggregate bonding force, and the ability of the interface film formed by the asphalt and aggregate in the asphalt mixture to resist the water stripping effect is enhanced, and the water stability of the asphalt mixture is improved.