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PI Polyimide Resin Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Adhesives, High Temperature Above 400 Degrees

Apr 11, 2016

PI polyimide resin diamond grinding wheels, diamond adhesives, high temperature above 400 degrees
Ultrafine polyimide resin is used as heavy-duty resin wheel and diamond wheel binders, manufacturing high-strength composite materials resistant to high temperature, high performance electrical insulation and thermal fields self-lubricating mechanical parts and aerospace materials. Has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, long life, moderate melt fluidity, easy molding processing, technology is good.

Curing does not produce low molecular weight volatiles, and various fillers good compatibility, high bond strength, and has a unique flexibility, can withstand the test of the big feed, odorless, sounds good; production efficiency than the original phenolic resin grinding wheel more than 50 percent, more than four-fold increase durability, can exponentially increase the grinding efficiency, significantly reduce diamond abrasion, long life and other characteristics.

This special composite material, has been used successfully on thousands of centrifugal pumps, mainly used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and other fluid handling equipment. This product is used as the pump orifice ring, throat bushings, bearings, composite materials can be replaced by other metals, graphite and silicon carbide, significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of the pump, to improve the operational performance of the pump. Features of this product can effectively reduce the risk of jamming occurred when the pump is running, the mouth ring gap can be reduced by more than 50%.

Applications and the Environment: refineries; boiler feed water; centrifugal pump; shielding pump; fluid under the pump; magnetic pump; fertilizer plant; sulfur and sulfuric acid factory;

Transmission medium: low-density olefin; gas-liquid saturated body; corrosive; high temperature;
You can resolve the following issues: life is short; cavitation; vibrations; killed; low efficiency; poor lubrication; a small number of particles, etc.

The product type pump material can be applied include:
1) centrifugal pump: Sandy Bay, sliding bearing
2) liquid pumps: the intermediate sleeve
3) shielding pump: sliding bearings, can solve the problem of forced lubrication
4) magnetic pump: sliding bearings and shielding sleeve, can solve the problem of forced lubrication