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PI Classified

Dec 28, 2015

PI classified

Polyimide (PI) is the main chain contains imido group (─C─N─C─) polymer, there are two main categories:
Aliphatic (practical difference, non-commercial)
Aromatic (obtaining commercial varieties)
The aromatic polyimide is divided into the following categories: average benzene, single ether-type, double ether anhydride type, polyetherimide (PEI), poly bismaleimides, norbornene acid modified poly polyimide, polyamide-imide (PAI).
PI physical properties

Density 1.36 ~ 1.43g / cm, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, yellow-white powder or granules.
PI deficiency at

Poor processing performance, the price is too high, the high-temperature plastic is a high price. The past two years, with hundreds of millions of investment in the state-owned capital and private capital, so that the development of PI both speed and fast falling prices quickly, especially by the military uses to civilian uses of change quickly.