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Performance Advantages And Disadvantages

May 05, 2016


TPI is the prominent features excellent heat resistance, and its long-term use temperature reaches 230-240 ℃, the glass transition temperature Q 250 ℃;

Superior dimensional stability. Thermal expansion coefficient of the polyimide is only 50PPM / ℃, has good creep resistance;

Excellent mechanical properties. Polyimide tensile strength 100MPA, impact strength 260KJ / m;

TPI flame retardant. Oxygen index of 36-46, and low smoke, strong self-extinguishing;

It has very good electrical insulation properties and dimensional stability;

PI has excellent oil resistance and solvent resistance;

PI material has good resistance to radiation, in the aerospace aviation has great application

Pros and cons:

Thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) is the one developed in the traditional thermosetting polyimide (PI) on the basis of special engineering plastics with good thermoplastic processing performance,It not only can be used for all processing methods thermosetting PI molding, thermoplastics can also be used for extrusion and injection molding methods,Therefore particularly suitable for forming the structure of complex products, no secondary processing, to solve the traditional thermoset PI forming difficult, form a single product other issues.TPI is often introduced into the flexible chain segments or linear chain structure in the monomer molecular structure of PI synthesis, thereby improving the performance of PI thermoplastic processing,However, the introduction of flexible chain segment inevitably cause some strength materials and high temperature performance degradation, to a certain extent, limit its presence in high-end areas: application (such as aviation, aerospace)'s.