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Optical Properties

Oct 19, 2016

The optical properties of the polyimide-metal hybrid films are mainly found in its light transmittance and reflectivity. The transparency of hybrid films is often characterized by microphase separation. Hybrid films with surface metal layers can be reflective, which is another hot spot in hybrid film research. Although Ag, Au, Pd and so can form a light reflection film, but the most of the Ag light reflection film, in recent years is particularly active. The study focuses on two aspects: one is the relationship between structure and performance, the other is to solve the practical problems of reflective film. For the former, it has been possible to prepare a light reflecting film excellent in overall performance by selecting appropriate silver dopant and controlling the appropriate hybridization conditions. In practical terms, through the screening of dopants or composite membrane method to reduce costs, to solve the problem of large area film wrinkle.