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Material Properties Of Epoxy Resin

Dec 19, 2016

The epoxy resin has a secondary hydroxyl group and an epoxy group, and the secondary hydroxyl group can react with the isocyanate. Epoxy resin as a direct addition of polyol-containing polyurethane adhesive hydroxyl-containing components, the use of this method only hydroxyl to participate in the reaction, the epoxy group failed to respond.

With acid resin, carboxyl, so that epoxy ring, and then with the polyurethane adhesive isocyanate reaction. The epoxy resin can also be dissolved in ethyl acetate, add phosphoric acid heating reaction, the adduct added to the polyurethane adhesive; glue the beginning of the sticky; Heat resistance and hydrolytic stability and so can be improved can also be used alcohol amine or amine reaction to produce polyols, adducts in the presence of tertiary nitrogen atoms, can accelerate the NCO reaction.

Epoxy resin as the polyol component combines the advantages of polyurethane and epoxy resin, has good adhesive strength and chemical resistance, the use of polyurethane adhesive manufacturing epoxy resin generally used EP-12, EP-13 , EP-16 and EP-20 and other varieties.