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Looking Polyimide

Sep 27, 2020

As promising polyimide polymer material has been fully recognized,In terms of insulating material and structural materials applications are expanding.In terms of functional materials are emerging, their potential is still excavations.But after 40 years of development it has not yet become a bigger breed, mainly because, compared with other polymers, the cost is too high.Thus, one of the main directions of future research should continue to be the polyimide in the monomer synthesis and polymerization process to find ways to reduce costs.


The application of polyimide surface is so wide, the processing is also a wide range of requirements,Such as high uniformity of deposition, spinning, vapor deposition, submicron lithography, deep straight wall etching, a large area, high volume molding, ion implantation, laser precision machining, nano-hybrid technology, and so are poly imide application to open vast world.With a significant reduction in synthesis technology to further improve the processing technology and cost, but also has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, thermoplastic polyimide will show its more prominent role in the field of future materials.The thermoplastic polyimide and its good workability and more promising.