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LCD Polyimide

Jul 19, 2016

Advantages thermotropic liquid crystal polymer main chain of the molecular structure and orderly, easy alignment of the liquid crystal state. And once cooled, this orientation will be preserved. Thus, in the direction of molecular orientation of the mechanical properties much higher than non-liquid crystalline polymer.

Liquid crystal polyimide from 1985 began to study boom, the main work is represented by the Kricheldorf some Japanese and German researchers based research. From the cell structure of the polyimide, especially pyromellitic imide having a flat, rigid and linear characteristics, the liquid should have good conditions are formed. However, studies indicate that, although the polyimide having a large number of different structures, but it is not easy to obtain the liquid crystalline state.

Kricheldorf in the late 20th century to the liquid crystal polyimide made a very comprehensive summary of the research work in this area will serve gradually depressed down.