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Interpenetrating Network Polyimide

Nov 02, 2016

Interpenetrating network polyimide research is mainly aimed at improving the toughness of thermosetting polyimide and carried out. As the thermosetting polyimide-based advanced composite materials is the most current use of the highest temperature of the polymer material. However, due to the high cross-linking density tends to make the material more brittle, so its tough work has been a great deal of attention.

Bismaleimide homopolymer too brittle, so multi-copolymer to increase the toughness of the material. These copolymers are often due to the introduction of more fat units, affecting the thermal stability of the polymer. One effective method of Zeng Ren bismaleimide resin is blending with a linear heat-resistant polymer, that is, a semi-interpenetrating network polymer. This type of polymer technology can increase the toughness of materials can also maintain thermal stability, especially for engineering plastics is a good choice.