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Improve Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency

Nov 10, 2016

Increase the absorption efficiency of photons to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency.One is the use of bandgap control engineering to regulate the absorption of the polymer in order to achieve an exact match with the solar spectrum. Including a conjugated polymer with a single bond. And the electron donor monomer with small ionization potential and the electron acceptor monomer with large electron affinity are selected to change the energy band of the conjugated polymer and the like. The second is to increase the light-rich dye layer, such as porphyrin derivatives, bipyridine metal complexes. In addition, the light-enriched dye or functional group can be attached to the conjugated polymer, which also increases the light absorption of the polymer; (3) to study the device active layer morphology. How to form a perfect interpenetrating network structure, the formation of dual continuous load transmission channel is critical to explore the optimal configuration of the device and device post-processing, also has great significance; (4) the development of new types of electron acceptor-type polymer, the polymer must meet the good solubility and processing, high electron affinity, chain structure, orderly, high load mobility, molecular plane configuration And absorption to try to cover the visible spectrum and other conditions. Grafting on the backbone of the conjugated polymer or grafting on the side chain some monomers with strong electron withdrawing properties and functional ladder polymers is also an attemptable direction for the synthesis of novel polymer receptors.