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High Quality Insulation Impregnating Varnish

Jul 08, 2016

•Type: Insulation Tape
•Material: Resin
•Maximum Voltage: >100KV
•Application: Insulators, Electrical Winding Insulation, Winding Wire Coating Insulation, Electrical Base, Shell, Motor, Insulating Varnish, Switch Baseplate, Generator & Transformerv
•Chemistry: Hybrid Insulation
•Classification: Hybrid Insulation Material
Transparent liquid, no impurity and Insoluble particles
High dielectrical property
Good heat, cold and corrosion resistance
High mechanical strength
Strong adhesion
For impregnating insulation of coils for pulling motors on railway, coating insulation of valve plate for lightning arrester, impregnating Grade H motors and any electric coils.