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Heat Insulation Material

Jun 03, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Insulation Film Chemistry:Hybrid Insulation
Material:Resin Thermal Rating:250 250
Maximum Voltage:>100KV

Polyimide Film
Scope: The polyimide film is produced by adopting "Doctor-blading process". It possesses hot-resistant, radiation resistant and excellent dielectric performance and applies to motor Grade H. Electrical insulation as well as the electric engineering insulating materials for other usage.

I. Specifications:
Appearance: Smooth and bright film surface. The defects of folding, broken, particulate air bubble, pinpoint and foreign impurities, tidy edges and non damage the film provided in rolling.

II. Dimension:
1) Thickness and deviation of allowing:
Note: Supply 125-225μ M according to user's enquiry too, allow both sides of supply and demand of the deviation to consult.
2) Width: Not less than 250mm, deviation of ± 1.6mm. According to the customer's requirements, the different size of type can be made.
3)Length: Supplied according to the customer's requirements.

III. Packing, Mark, Preservation and Transportation:
1. The film should be provided in rolls and wound up to the pipe core, each roll is well packed and loaded with plastic bag to be placed into dry and clean box.
2. Each box packing should be marked with the type, product specification, size, lot number, gross weight, date of manufacture, name of the manufacture and the product acceptances certificate is attached. At the same the painting words of "Dampproof", "collision-proof" etc. Should be marked.
3. The film should be preserved in dry and clean room. The preservation period from the date of period is two years and can still be used when it is qualified in case of the preservation production is exceeded and checked according to standard.
4. During the preservation and transportation, damping and mechanical damage should be avoided.

Property Unit Values
Density g/cm ≥ 1.40
Tensile  Strength(  lengthways)
   Tensile  Strength  (  widthways) MPa ≥ 115
   ≥ 135
Elongation  at  break(  lengthways)
   Elongation  at  break  (widthways) % ≥ 25
   ≥ 20
Dielectric  strength  (normalcy)
   Dielectric  strength    (200± 5° C) MV/m ≥ 130
   ≥ 100
Surface  resistance M& branded; ≥ 1.0× 106
Volume  resistivity(normalcy)
 Volume  resistivity  (200± 5° C) M& branded; . m ≥ 1.0× 107
 ≥ 1.0× 104
Dielectric  dissipation  factor  (50HZ  normal  temperature)   ≤ 0.01
Relative  dielectric  constant  50HZ  (normal  temperature)   ≤ 4