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Engineering Plastics-PI

Jan 22, 2017

Engineering Plastics: thermosetting is also thermoplastic, can also be injection molding molding or transfer molding (RTM), mainly used for self-lubricating, sealing, insulation and structural materials. In addition polyimide can also be used as adhesives in high temperature environment, separation film, photoresist, dielectric buffer layer, liquid crystal aligning agent, electro-optical materials. PI is a good material, here I talk about simple features, not to please: DuPont Kapton is a high-performance thin film material, the chemical name is polyimide (Polyimide), which at a higher temperature The range of bone has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. Temperature characteristics; 1, the use of temperature range from -269 ℃ to 400 ℃ 2, UL certification RTI temperature index of 220 ℃ to 240 ℃ 3, 94RTM-0 resistance Ran Forming Features: 1, easy molding (280-300 ℃ (400-500psi) 2. Shaped shape is good and shrinkage is low. After 8 hours at 260 ℃, shrinkage <4% Chemical resistance: 1,165 hours after the anti-tensile properties (different PH value) PH = 1 PH = 1 PH = 1 standard