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Electronic Components And Semiconductor Industries

May 11, 2016

The photoresist: Certain polyimide photoresist can also be used.There are positive and negative plastic glue, with sub-micron resolution.And pigments or dyes can be used with the color filter, it can greatly simplify the processing operations.

In microelectronic device applications:The dielectric layer is used as interlayer insulation, a buffer layer may reduce stress and improve the yield.As the protective layer can reduce the environmental impact of the device can also act as a shield for the a- particles, reducing or eliminating device soft error.The semiconductor industry as a high-temperature polyimide adhesives,In the production of semiconductor materials and digitizing of MEMS chips, since the polyimide layer having a good mechanical tensile strength and ductility, help to improve the polyimide layer and the polyimide layer and a metal layer is deposited on top of between bond.High temperature and chemical stability of the polyimide layer and the metal that will serve a variety of external environmental isolation.

LCD alignment arrangement agent used:Polyimide TN-LCD, STN-LCD, TFT-LCD and future aspects of the ferroelectric liquid crystal display material aligning agent occupies a very important position.

The Light Material:Materials used as passive or active optical waveguide switch materials, fluorine-containing polyimide in a communication wavelength range of transparent polyimide chromophore as substrate material can improve stability.

Humidity: The use of hygroscopic linear expansion of its principle can be used to make a humidity sensor.