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Electrical Insulation Material Polyimide Film

Jul 08, 2016

Polyimide film is a good H grade insulating material. It is widely used for insulation purpose in electrical
appliances which are used in special environment. To use the polyimide film means reducing volume and
weight of the electrical appliances while retaining the same output or increase the capacity without
increasing in frame size. It can also prolong the service life of the electrical appliances and increase
their reliability. Its longterm working temperature is under 200 °C.The following properties of Polyimide
Film ensure its good performance under extreme temperature or other conditions.
1.Good property of insulation and mechanism.
2.Good temperatur resistant property, wide performance temperature range. It can be used under
temperature from -60 °C to +250 °C for a long period and -269 °C to +400 °C for a short period without changing its electrical and mechanic properties.
3.Good chemical stability. It resists most organic solvents.
4.Excellent flame retardant property
5.Good radian-resistant property

6.Can be combined with many other materials. When combined with fluorine resin, its
characters of wet and corrosion resistance are greatly improved.

Flexible Printed Circuits;Insulation;Automotive;Bar Code Labels;Aerospace;Safety;Transportation
Measure tolerance.