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Development Of New Membrane Oxygenator

May 04, 2017

Hollow fiber membranes have been widely used as medical devices such as membrane oxygenators and hemodialysis. Polypropylene microporous membrane oxygenator is a bit of an increase of oxygen exchange and CO2 removal. The problem is that after a few hours the performance of the microporous membrane oxygenator deteriorates due to the wetting of the fibers and subsequent permeation of the plasma through the pores into the gas path. In order to improve the gas transmission and blood compatibility, it is necessary to develop a new membrane oxygenator, to adapt to long-term use.

Polyimide has been widely used in separation membrane materials due to its high thermal stability, high mechanical properties and excellent film-forming properties. The possibility of application of polyimide films in medical devices has attracted interest. But as a medical device must understand its blood and tissue compatibility.