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Development Brief Polyimide

May 30, 2016

Mid-20th century, with the development of aviation, space technology, the industry needs structural material for heat-resistant, high-strength, lightweight, very urgent, in this case, one main chain aromatic and heterocyclic polymer main structural unit came into being. Such polymers appear when the polymer structure of the material increases the temperature above 100 , apart from this period became the Ziegler-Natta catalyst Polymer another major scientific achievements.

Aromatic heterocyclic polymer was published many dozens, but what really is the industry accepted but only a few, Among them, polyphenylene sulfide, polyether sulfone, polyether ketone and polyimide on the price performance of the most eye-catching.

It refers to a polyimide imide ring on the main chain of a polymer, wherein the polymer containing a phthalimide structure is most important.

Such polymers Although early in 1908 has been reported, But then the nature of the polymer is not yet fully understood, it is not taken seriously. 20th century until the mid-1940s a number of patents have appeared,but really as a kind of polymer material and the development began in the 1950s. DuPont was to apply a series of patents,and in the mid-1960s, A first polyimide film (Kapton (R)) and varnish (Pyre ML) commercialized. Thus began a polyimide booming era.

Polyimide attention because it is the reason why:

1. Outstanding overall performance;

2. In the synthesis of several ways;

3. It can be processed by various methods;

4. It has a very wide range of applications.