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Definition Of Plastic

Nov 28, 2016

Definition of plastic

Mainly by the carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements, the finished product is solid, in the manufacturing process is molten liquid. It can be heated to melt it, add pressure to flow, cooling it to solidify, and the formation of various shapes, this large and diverse groups of materials known as plastic.

Precision detection

With the rapid development of plastic industry and the continuous improvement of plastic properties, plastic parts have been more widely used. Plastic parts are replacing traditional metal parts in different areas. A well-designed piece of plastic can often replace many traditional metal parts. So as to achieve the purpose of simplifying the product structure and saving the manufacturing cost. So for plastic applications on the plastic precision requirements and combined with market analysis. Recommended for plastic testing equipment MUMA portable imaging device, VMS series of optical image measuring instrument, VML series of 3D optical image measuring instrument, and so on.