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Common Of Polyimide

Sep 15, 2014

(1)Polyamide imide (Poly (amide-imide),PAlI from Amoco company first successful development and commercialization.PAI has good ablation resistance of metal materials, high adhesion, high temperature and high frequency of electromagnetic. Color material tensile strength was 190MPa, flexural strength was 250MPa, temperature of 274 ℃ 1.8MPa load thermal deformation. It is mainly used for gear, bearing, copier separation enhancement modification and plastic alloy claw, aircraft ablative material, magnetic material and structural material;

(2)Poly pyromellitic diimide,Poly pyromellitic diimide (Polypyromelitimide, PMMA) in 360 ℃ 1.8MPa load and thermal deformation temperature, electrical property is better than PAI, strength weak. PMMA mould plastics can be used in precision parts, special conditions of High-temperature Self-lubricating Bearing, piston ring, the sealing ring, the blower impeller, and contact with liquid ammonia valve parts, jet engine fuel supply system parts etc.;

(3)Bismaleimide,Bismaleimide (BMI) with maleimide as bifunctional chemical group, is the most important thermosetting polyimide resin. It has a mobility similar to typical thermosetting resin and moldability. As a special PI, BMI radiation resistant and corrosion resistant properties in high temperature, resistance to maintain its inherent at the same time, than the general PI easy processing molding, is a kind of advanced composites matrix resin. So, it is the resin matrix structure and aviation aircraft structure widely used.However, the unmodified BMI has the disadvantages of high melting point, poor solubility, high molding temperature, curing material brittleness.Diallyl bisphenol A modified BMI resin was toughened BMI resin way is one of the most successful, most mature varieties, attracted the attention of people, and have achieved rapid development and application.The current BMI typical varieties of French Rhone-Poudenc company Kerrimid-601, Germany's BottsTechnochemic Compimide-183 and 800 HexcelF-178, American, Chinese space of 625 QY8911-1 and 5405 Northwestern Polytechnical University etc.. In addition to BMI and NPMI (N- phenyl maleimide) has a chemical structure similar to that of BMI and BMI/BA system, and the copolymerization. Successful development of BMI resin for advanced aircraft, the main load-bearing structure provides high performance composite materials. As USA fourth generation fighter F-22, the use of composite materials has reached 24% of the weight of the structure, most of which are BMI resin composite materials with high toughness;

(4)Polyether imide,Polyether imide (Polyetherimide, PEI) is America GE as engineering plastics firstly developed varieties, has good comprehensive properties, is a good matrix composite materials.The development trend now is the introduction of two benzene amine structure and other special engineering plastic alloy, to improve its heat resistance or with PC, PA and other engineering plastics alloy to improve its mechanical strength. It has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, Zixi, resistance to stalk moderate wear resistance; melting and good fluidity, low mold shrinkage (0.5%-0.7% only), easy post treatment. PEI has been widely used in electrical and electronic, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and other industries. Recently America PhoenixxTPC launched a PEI prepreg tape, type PEI/Ultem. The prepreg processing company Phoenixx development process, with the solvent and powder type, reduce cost, eliminate VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Reinforced plastics can be widely used in petroleum, natural gas, automotive, aerospace and military fields in this prepreg fabric;

(5)Poly amino Bismaleimide,Using poly amino bismaleimide (Po Lyam ino-b I smaleimide, PABM) prepared by mixing and laminated products, high heat resistance, can be used for a long time at 200 ℃, deformation temperature up to 320 ℃ injection molding grade heat the glass fiber reinforced; good electrical properties, in a wide range of temperature and frequency the dielectric loss angle tangent changes; friction resistance, friction coefficient is 0.1-0.25, the wear volume of 0.002-0.04; excellent resistance to chemicals and radiation, can be resistant to 108 Gy radiation, the combustion of UL94, V-O level; construction materials can be used for motor, aviation, automobile parts and radiation resistant parts, mainly used for sliding materials thrust bearing, bearing, piston rings, guide sleeve and valve plate, etc..Because PI has excellent comprehensive performance, synthesis pathways, processing method, and can be widely used in aviation, aerospace / electrical / Electronics and other fields. PI can be used for the production of high permeability and permselectivity of the membranes for gas separation, can also be used as the alignment of liquid crystal molecules are arranged vertically arranged agent and direct lithography into fine patterned photoresist etc.. In addition, PI addition of glass fiber, graphite and boron fiber can obtain higher strength and hardness, can replace the metal jet engine components; adding wear-resistant materials can be used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant brake etc..