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Commercial Information Of Thermoplastic Polyimide

Feb 05, 2021

False heat plastic polyimide supplier has: DuPont Co, trademark is Kapton (film), Vespel (profiles and sintered parts), Pyralin and Pyre ML (paint); Rosers supply section and the powder, the trademark for Envex. The supply of paint companies are: Mon-santo company, a trademark for Skybond700 USA Cysnamid company, brand FM-34, P · D · George, mark Untratherm. Albemarle Imi-Tech subsidiary to trademark Solimide foam.

Thermoplastic polyimide. Paint and powder suppliers: Rogers company, a trademark for Duramid, Ciba Geigy, a trademark for Matrimid.

Thermoplastic polyetherimide can be purchased from GE plastics company, its brand is Ultem.

Thermoplastic polyamide prepreg two supply company, they are: DuPont Co, brand names Avimid, Cyanamid, Cypac. American, trademark

At present, the market resistance thermosetting polyimide advanced polymer material with the highest level of temperature is DUPONT, VESPEL as the representative, but because of its difficult to process, the main forms of the product mainly finished or semi-finished products, the application is narrow, expensive. Secondly based on MITSUI company's AURUM as the representative of the thermoplastic polyimide (TPI), and VICTREX polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Methods of forming such materials by extrusion, injection molding and hot, greatly improving the processability.

NGDJ -- thermoplastic polyimide and MITSUI AURUM belong to the same type and level of polymer materials, all aspects of performance have reached the AURUM resin index, and compared with AURUM resin molding temperature is much lower; and PEEK and other kinds of special engineering plastics (such as PES, PPS) compared to the mechanical properties, thermal properties and friction and wear properties have obvious advantages.