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Classification Of Epoxy Resin Adhesives

Dec 16, 2016

The classification of epoxy resin adhesives in the industry there are several points:

1. According to its main components are divided into pure epoxy resin adhesive and modified epoxy resin adhesive;

2. According to their professional use is divided into mechanical epoxy resin adhesive, building epoxy resin adhesive, electronic epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive repair and transportation with plastic, marine glue;

3. According to their construction conditions are divided into room temperature curing adhesive, low temperature curing adhesive and other curing adhesive;

4. According to its packaging form can be divided into single-component type adhesive, two-component plastic and multi-component type glue;

There are other sub-method, such as solvent-free glue, a solvent-based glue and water-based glue. But the classification of more applications.