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Chiral Polyimide

Jul 07, 2016

It refers to chiral polyimide polyimide macromolecular chains having a chiral structural unit, wherein the non-isomer Shaw should spin optically active. Based on "a structure of macromolecules should have opposed specific properties," such a view. We study chiral polyimide intention is hoping to find differences in performance from different chiral structure of polyimide. We hope to develop new polymer materials with specific properties.

Optically active polymers are ubiquitous in nature. Apart from a handful of polymers such as natural rubber and Gu Tabu, such as plastic, others such as proteins, polysaccharides almost optically active polymers exist. However, synthetic polymers are almost all non-optically active. Optically active polymer with the highest level of stereoregularity, on a biological and thermal performance has shown a huge difference.