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Chemical Need To Do Something For The City?

Feb 23, 2016

In recent years, with the accelerating process of urban development, population scale expanding, made the chemical companies deeply integrated with the city, not only increase pressure for the natural resources and the energy supply, also for City’s production and people's life brings the safety loophole. Facing the new situation, make the Chemical and City harmonious development, become a very urgent task, it’s also about Chemical survival and sustainable development of important issue in the future.

      In modern times, the development of Chemical Industry began in City, And occupy the important strategic position in national economy. In our country, some Chemical Industry headstream, Chemical is also make positive contributions to the development of local economy. However, along with the development of City, A few local governments plan to promote industrial level、develop the emerging industry、optimize industrial distribution, What should do for the Chemical Industry?

      Shanghai Chemical Industry area management committee director Zhou Minhao said, In the Manufacturing system, Chemical、steel is the basic industry, is the origin of the new material, such as Aeronautics & Astronautics、new energy、information industry and other strategic emerging industries.

      Nowadays, The development of chemical Industry is more difficult, one of the reasons is many company ignore safety environmental protection requirements, more and more work safety accidents, No compliance discharge in Environmental protection, even Secretly discharge, Serious damage to the people's survival and security environment, lead to people get frightened the presence of chemical industry.


So the development of chemical industry, how to merge with urbanization development?

      Many large international chemical industry base with the residential area is Zero-distance contacts, there are no “control tape、buffer strip、prevent strip”. This reflects foreign chemical enterprise security and environmental protection level, also associated with the formation process of large foreign Chemical base.

      For the special situation of our country, Chemical industry park should refer to international practice, full implementation responsibility and Caring work, for chemical industry development Create a harmonious social environment, plan build chemical production base, make the local farmers turn to the Chemical practitioners step by step.Discovery around the Chemical industry park development benefit sharing mechanism, combine with enterprises prepare to build chemical industry park’s responsibility and caring association, strengthen corporate social responsibility, concentrate all resources, carry on help for nearby residents, support the social development. According to publish environmental security bulletins, “Open day”, emergency exercise and other activities, popularize chemical knowledge, Pass scientific concept, improve the understand of people for the regional environmental quality and safety production situation, set up the new image of the green chemical.