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Carbon Molecular Sieve Membrane Is A Polymer Film In The Inert Gas Or Vacuum Pyrolysis To Give A Uniform Porous Carbon Membrane.

Sep 02, 2016

Carbonized film features:

1. There are more and permeability coefficient significantly higher than the selectively permeable polymer film;

2. For the same thickness, the carbon film has a higher modulus and strength, low elongation, can withstand higher pressure;

3. Less affected by the carbon membrane permeability of the intake pressure, because of the small affinity for various gases, so fewer problems of swelling.

4. Carbon membrane permeability timeless, that the recession does not occur.

5. The diffusion activation energy than the polymer film is small, the selectivity is less affected by temperature and gas molecular size;

6. Acid, alkali and other corrosive gases stable;

7. The temperature, even at 500 ~ 900 work;

8. You can use the same material and obtain carbon membranes with different permeability for different gas mixtures;

9. The pore size and distribution of the carbon film can be made simple thermochemical methods for precise control;

10. The carbon film may be good for some gas adsorption properties, which can increase the capacity of the separation membrane;

11. Carbon can retrace regeneration.