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Aromatic Polyimide (Polyimide, Called PI)

Oct 16, 2015

Aromatic polyimide (Polyimide, called PI), is one of the best overall performance of organic polymer materials, it has anti-corrosion, anti-fatigue, high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, low density, low noise, long service life and excellent high temperature performance (Long Term -269 ℃ ~ 280 ℃ without distortion); a thermal decomposition temperature can be as high as 600 ~ C, is one of the highest in the thermal stability of the polymer species so far, at -269 ℃ liquid helium does not rattle. It has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, space, automotive, microelectronics, nano, LCD, many high-tech fields membranes, laser, electrical appliances, medical equipment, food processing, known as "problem solver."
Polyimide is a high performance engineering thermoplastics, not only has excellent heat resistance, mechanical, dielectric, decay resistance and anti-radiation properties, also exhibit excellent thermal processing performance, can be heat molded, extruded and injection molding methods.
Polyimide with glass fiber, carbon fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), graphite composites, significantly improve the mechanical properties and self-lubricating wear-resistant properties of the polymer material.
The polyimide can be made into a film, it can also molding for the confidential parts pipe, bar, and complex structures, such as gears, seal rings, bearings and connectors, etc. As an alternative to metal in certain situations, ceramics, thermosetting resins, thermoplastic and most difficult low temperature thermo-forming polyimide ideal material.
The polyimide (hereinafter referred to as "PI") Key Features
 prominent thermally processing characteristics
 excellent heat resistance
Excellent mechanical properties Ø
 Excellent referral point performance
 Excellent corrosion resistance
 good frictional properties (self-lubricating, wear-resistant)
 When processing No small molecule release
 low moisture absorption
 retardant anti-radiation
can be reused
self-extinguishing polymer, fuming rate
The main application areas: polyimide as an outstanding performance of cutting-edge materials, with its excellent electrical insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation and physical and mechanical properties, in industrial machinery, electronic appliances, instruments, oil field of application of chemical, construction machinery, commercial equipment, measurement, analysis, medical equipment, and transport equipment and textiles rapid growth, has become one of the materials most advanced technology in the field of global rockets, aerospace, aircraft and other indispensable. With the aerospace, automotive, particularly sustained and rapid development of the electronics industry, the urgent requirements of electronic devices smaller, lighter, high-performance and high availability *. Excellent performance polyimides much to offer in these areas, its current growth rate has remained at around 20%, and has broad prospects for development.
Electronics and semiconductors: printed circuit boards, electrical connectors and insulators, connectors, gaskets, liquid crystal displays and chips stand, high temperature sockets, connectors, printed circuit boards and computer hard drives, integrated circuit wafer carrier, insulation materials, heat-resistant cable, terminal, socket.
Automobiles and aircraft: engine parts for fuel systems, jet engine components, compressors and generators parts, fasteners, spline joint and electronic communications devices, pumps and pump cover, piston rings, gears, blades, bearings, bearing holder and gaskets, etc., can reduce the weight of components, but also prolong life.
Analysis and medical equipment: valves, valve seats, fittings and connectors.
Industrial machinery: such as high temperature motors, pumps and compressors are self-lubricating bearings, bushings, shaft lining, insulation, sealing rings, piston rings, gears, compressor blades and piston machines, equipment shrouds, thrust washers, etc. .
Business equipment: heat-resistant parts high-speed copiers and laser printers, the paper separation claw, roller axle end caps, heat gear, rotating pad and drive couplings.