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Application of Chinapolymide

Nov 17, 2015

Chinapolymide is a high performance polyimide material which is formed from resin manufactured . Polyimide materials are characterized by a ring-shaped molecular structure containing Nitrogen.
Chinapolymide is one of the highest performing engineering plastics currently available. will not melt and can operate continuously from cryogenic temperatures to 550°F (288°C), with excursions to 900°F (482°C). parts consistently exhibit superior performance in a variety of applications requiring low wear and long life in severe environments.
Dimensionally stable • Resistant to radiation • Extremely low outgassing• Excellent temperature resistance • High wear resistance   • Relatively easy to machine
• Rotary seal rings • Thrust washers and discs • Bushings • Flanged bearings • Plungers • Printer wire guides • Spline couplings • Wear strips • Valve seats • Thermal and electrical insulators • Wafer clamping, polishing and grinding rings • Wafer guides & carriers • Vacuum pads • Die pickup collets