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Application Fields Of PI

Sep 15, 2014

Advanced composite materials: molded parts of engine and motor spacecraft and rocket, missile parts: aircraft piston ring, gear, bearing, shaft, bearing, the blade fixing frame and gasket, not only can reduce the weight of components, but also can extend the service life.

Engineering Plastics: mainly used for self lubrication, sealing, insulation material and structure, such as a motor, high voltage vacuum pump and air compressor insulations, shaft sleeve, floating seal ring, oil seal, piston ring, a guide ring, gear, bearing, valve seat and shell, diamond grinding wheel.

The automotive industry: throttle valve bushings, timing chain tensioner, oil pump rotor pump impeller, pump shaft, impeller, pump, engine seal, turbo supercharger impeller, turbo coupling, O2 sensor, O2 wire, transmission pad plate, driving thrust washers, drive bushings, valve drive transmission, filter shell, transmission seal gasket, ball joint, U type joint bearings, needle roller bearings, connecting rod bonding pad, ABS gate seat, automatically adjust the seat part, power window gear, connecting rod, fuel pipeline connector, brake wear sensor, tire anti-skid nails, bearing cage, wheel sensor, brake cylinder parts, shock absorber components, fuel pump gear, fuel pump motor parts, motor parts of fuel pump, fuel pump bushing, window motor thrust bolt, motor thrust washers, awnings top gear transmission device, HVAC, isolator screws, power steering gear, steering shaft isolator, a protective sleeve and fabric, EGR temperature sensor, speed sensor, heat exchanger parts, clutch liner, piston ring, piston skirt, brakes, suspension supporting disc, synchronizer, variable Gear shift fork, torque converter planetary gear gasket, torque converter differential, spherical check heap gasket.

The microelectronics industry: used as the dielectric layer by layer insulation, as a buffer layer can reduce stress, improve the rate of finished products; as a protective layer can reduce the influence of environment on the device, but also has the shielding effect of a- particles, the reduction or elimination of soft error device, such as a printed circuit board, electrical connector, connector, and an insulator. Gasket, flexible copper clad laminate substrate and adhesive, flexible electrothermal film, liquid crystal display and semiconductor chip support, high temperature resistant insulating sleeve.

Commercial machinery: heat-resistant parts, high-speed copiers and laser printer paper separation claw, the roller axle end cap, heat-resistant gear, rotating pad and the drive coupling etc..

Analysis and medical equipment: valve, valve seat, connector and connector etc..

Membrane separation: for all kinds of gas on the separation, such as hydrogen / nitrogen, nitrogen / oxygen, carbon / nitrogen or methane and other hydrocarbons, removing moisture from the air the raw gas and alcohols. Also can be used as the pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. Because the polyimide heat resistance and organic solvent resistance, with special significance for the separation of organic gases and liquids.