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And A Film Bonded To The Substrate

Jan 16, 2017

With the development of science and technology, the scope of application of the polyimide film has been greatly expanded. In addition to functioning as a thickness of the insulating material is 25 ~ 150μm self-supporting film, there are bound to the substrate film. The thickness of these films can reach several angstroms to several microns, i.e., a so-called monolayer film. In addition to being the first to enter the industrialization of the polyimide insulating film as a magnet wire insulation coating outside. A variety of flexible printed circuit board copper clad polyimide has become a huge industry, growing at 10 percent annual growth rate. As a matter of film dielectric material should be concerned about in addition to thermal stability, mechanical properties, and thermal expansion coefficient, and the base material of adhesive and dielectric constant.