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An Aqueous Developer Negative Photosensitive Polyimide

Sep 14, 2016

So far into the practical polyimide or resist most organic solvent as developer, environmental protection more and more attention today, people prefer to use an aqueous developable photoresist. River development was first reported negative polyimide photoresist is Nishizawa and Choi et al. The former method is added to the polyamic acid solution in an amount of photochemical reaction of the photosensitive material and the high sensitivity of the initiator. After the film, the mask exposure and substituted on the nitrogen with an aqueous solution of amino ethanol do developer and developed imaging. Photosensitive they use a mixture of water-soluble mono-methacryloxypropyl urea and diethylene glycol diacrylate. Such a mixture of water-soluble polyamide acid film enhanced role.