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Advantages PI Polyimides

Apr 08, 2016

PI polyimide wearing plastic high-temperature plastic high-temperature creep of special engineering plastic polyimide resin powder

PI polyimide advantages of the series are as follows:

A, ultra-low temperature resistance, ultra mild: continuous use temperature up to 360 , short-term 500 ; the lowest -272 may also be used; Wear: No lubrication conditions critical value PV is more than 10 times the general engineering plastics; resistant to strong impact and shake wear;

B, deformation and creep resistance: not soften at high temperatures and can withstand high loads.

C, ultra-high vacuum applications: with excellent sealing and other low release, reaching 10-10Torr.

D, excellent mechanical processing performance

E, widely used in aircraft, aerospace, automotive, office equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, scientific instruments, industrial machinery and production equipment. The need for comprehensive temperature, wear, sealing, dimensional stability and deformation without breaking application environments, such as: seal rings, thrust washers, sliding bearings, vane vacuum pumps, valve seats, gear and so on.

Polyimide The series is divided into: one hundred percent pure product PI and PI composite products

(A), PI pure product: 100% pure polyimide resin molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, has a very excellent performance in the PI series, has the highest mechanical properties and best electrical and thermal insulation properties, high temperature, wear (high PV), excellent dimensional stability. Product applications include: mechanical properties, purity, thermal and insulation and high friction coefficient of the complex requirements of application environments, typical applications include seat, mold insulation cap, a plasma torch swirl ring, timing gear tensioner, printer paper separation claw brakes sensor locator

(B), PI composite products

(1) PI and PTFE composite products: from adding 15% PTFE polyimide resin molding, improve the wear resistance, dimensional stability and more.

Typical applications include: high temperature seals, support ring, guide ring wear, piston ring compressor, heat-resistant gear (gear pumps and copiers can be used)

(2), PI and graphite products (15% by weight graphite): Add 15% graphite polyimide resin molding at high PV conditions have excellent wear resistance.

Product applications include: various sealing rings and seals, all kinds of sliding bearings. Typical applications include automotive transmission in the thrust washers, seal rings, piston ring seal, the hydraulic motor seal rings, EGR exhaust gas recycling automobile bushings, turbocharger sleeve cage, miniature dental retainer sleeve, a vacuum pump and blades and other pneumatic tools.

(3) graphite filled PI product (40% by weight graphite): Added 40% graphite polyimide resin molding, has a very low coefficient of linear expansion, low coefficient of friction coefficient. Ideally suited for a wide operating temperature range and for high dimensional stability of parts of the application environment.

Main Applications: High pressure seal rings and seals (hydraulic motors, hydraulic booster seal ring).

(4) PI with graphite and PTFE composite products (15% by weight of graphite, 10% Teflon): 15% by the addition of graphite and 10% PTFE polyimide resin molding, has an extremely low coefficient of friction for high speed conditions.

Main Applications: piston seal rings and seals, because of its excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability, the sealing gas has a high reliability.

(5) Molybdenum disulfide filled PI composite products (weight ratio 15% MoS2): by adding 15% molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) polyimide resin molding, has excellent wear resistance under high vacuum performance and sealing performance.

Product applications include: ultra-high vacuum environment and outer space applications, such as the seat and the bayonet and the like.