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Adhesive Carrier

Feb 20, 2017

High temperature structural adhesive

For the manufacture of future supersonic aircraft, requiring adhesive thermal oxidative stability reached 177 ~ 316 , the service life of 60000 ~ 120000h. Superior supersonic aircraft now used epoxy - carbon fiber composites - adhesives. Many matrix resins for composite materials have been studied as a structural adhesive.

Adhesive carrier

In addition to the adhesive applied directly to the treated surface, in order not to lower the melt viscosity of adhesive bonding under pressure loss, it is often used as an adhesive glass cloth carrier. Commonly used glass cloth denser and looser 181 # 112 # two kinds of E glass cloth. For the former binder content should be about 40% to 50%, the latter can reach 70% to 80%, 0.1MM thickness of the carrier in and down. Before coating can be processed to remove the polyimide NA coupling agent at 425 .