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Additive Method#Polyimide composite film method

Oct 19, 2020


While adding two kinds of metal dopants or adding two metal elements containing metal dopants. Codoping can combine the characteristics of two metal elements, and sometimes there are two dopants synergistic effect. For example, a small amount of a lithium salt is added to the cobalt dopant, so that the conductivity is greatly improved.

Composite membrane method

A polyimide hybrid film was formed on the polyimide film. The method can save the amount of metal dopant, improve the toughness and anti-wrinkle performance of polyimide hybrid film. Particularly suitable for making large area of light reflective film. A similar method can also be used for the preparation of catalytic membranes.

Additive method

Can significantly improve the performance of some aspects of the hybrid. For example, in the preparation of polyimide-silver hybrid, the addition of carbon powder can accelerate the formation of silver metal surface layer, which is advantageous for improving the conductivity.