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A Drop Of Water Is Also A Sky

May 17, 2016

China's first polyimide material and application of technology seminar held in Zhejiang.

This is a polyimide industry event, seminar to "promote Chinese wisdom made, leading the industry" as its theme,The three-day, the guests have more than 180 experts and scholars domestic aerospace field, China South Locomotive and other aspects of a polyimide material and the industry,They run through the whole industry chain of polyimide, and other materials in relation to aspects of science, technology and innovation, carried out academic research, information exchange, at the same time, preparations for the establishment of China initiative polyimide Industry Development Alliance.

Polyimide is one of the best overall performance of organic polymer materials, wide range of applications.

Polyimide materials have excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature, high strength and high modulus, high creep resistance, dimensional stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, high electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and loss, radiation-resistant, corrosion resistance and other advantages.While having a vacuum low volatile matter and less volatile condensable materials characteristics space.

A variety of materials can be processed into a form of a polyimide film, high temperature engineering plastics, composite materials with a matrix resin, high temperature adhesives, fibers and foams.Therefore, in the aerospace, aviation, space, micro-electronics, precision machinery, medical equipment, optical display, many military and other high-tech fields have broad application prospects and great commercial value.