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A Brief History Of The Polyimide

Apr 15, 2016

1、In 1908, PI polymer reports began to appear, but the essence is not recognized and therefore not taken seriously.
2、The mid-1940s some patents. The late 1950s to prepare high molecular weight aromatic polyimide, marking it as a true polymer materials to develop.
3、60--80 years, the United States DuPont, Amoco Corporation, General Electric Company and Faluo Na - Poulenc as the representative has developed a series of molding materials and polymers, such as polyetherimide (PEI), and in 1982, a positive addition type polyimide, thermoplastic polyamide. Condensation type polyimide type to Ultem tradename in the international market.
4、1997 Mitsui Toatsu Chemical Co. reported a new thermoplastic polyimide (Aurum) injection molding and extrusion molding pellets.
Nearly 30 years, the rapid development of polyimide, especially in the last 10 years has been more rapid development. 1977 to 1979 was published in more than 1,000 abstracts related to the polyimide in Chemical Abstracts, and more than 100 articles polyimide Document registered with the National Bureau of Technical Services. 1982 to 1985, there are poly pyromellitic imide 54 patents, patent applications 30 polyamideimide, polyetherimide patent 23, the pace of development shows that the polyimide polymer .
So far, polyimide has more than 20 major varieties, with the expansion of its scope of application, breeds polyimide will be more and more. Foreign manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the United States and Japan, such as the US General Electric Company, DuPont, Japan's Ube Kosan Co., Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals; domestic manufacturers mainly Shanghai Institute of synthetic resin and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry.