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0.05mm Polyimide Film Insulation Materials

Jun 07, 2016

Basic Info

Application:Electrical Winding Insulation, Winding Wire Coating Insulation, Electrical Base, Shell, Motor, FPCB,Motor
Type:Insulation Film Chemistry:Pmda, 4-4oda
Material:Pmda, 4-4oda Thermal Rating:250 250
Maximum Voltage:>100KV Classification:Electrical Insualtion Film
Certification:SGS Color:Amber

Width: 520mm, 650mm, 1m, cut is available
Length: according to customer's requirement
Thickness: 0.05mm
Quantity: >1ton
Accept customization, support OEM

This film has outstanding physical, mechanical and electrical performance, besides that, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and radiation resistance properties are excellent.
It can maintain physical property for a short time under temperature 500 centidegree. And can work long time under temperature from -269 centidgree to 280centidgree.

Widely used in electronic& electrical industry as for FPC, mobile, computer,motor,transformer etc. also widely used in aerospace